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Lira pasze

About us

Wytwórnia Pasz LIRA is a Polish family-based business which was started in 1996. The company is based in Krzywiń, a town situated in Wielkopolska region, 65 km away from Poznań. The company has two manufacturing plants. One produces products for cattle, and the other, which was put into operation in 2004, produces feeds for other livestock species.

The manufacturing plant in Krzywiń is fully automated, and ranks among the most modern facilities in the Polish feed industry. At the beginning of 2006, we put into service another production line in Krzywiń. The line is used exclusively for the production of medicinal feeds.

Thanks to investments into advanced process lines, the company’s production capacity and quality of the finished product were increased.
Modern machinery and mixing equipment, an automatic system for weighing components and computer-based monitoring of the production process have made it possible to achieve the output of 15-20 ton per hour. This structure of the production process also ensures high homogeneity of finished products.

A new-generation granulator equipped with a double conditioner makes it possible to extend the duration of thermal processing of livestock feed, while heating mats guarantee constant temperature throughout the entire process of granulation. This advanced solution is only used in a few European manufacturing plants.

By applying a process of extrusion, we improve the digestibility, palatability and nutritional value of components used for formulating feeds for young animals whose gastrointestinal systems are not yet fully developed.

The production system ensures highly accurate weighing of the finished product, precise packing and stable stacking of packages on pallets, at a high output rate of 15 ton per hour.

Our product range encompasses complete feeds, super concentrates, mineral premixes and milk replacement formulas for pigs, poultry, cattle and other livestock species. The nutrition concept is based on top-quality components of the highest nutritional value. The main source of protein in our products is high-protein post-extraction soybean meal. Vitamin, mineral and enzymatic additives, biostimulators and other enhancers are sourced from well-established suppliers. In order to maintain top quality of our products, we use components of the highest standard.

Crucially, LIRA's quality policy does not end with the sale of the finished product.  The company also offers a wide range of consulting services related to animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and livestock reproduction. We share our knowledge and experience by holding training courses.  Our nutrition consultants offer professional assistance and advice on topics connected with livestock breeding, nutrition and reproduction. Our customers are also offered free testing of feeding components and feeds. Tests are conducted in an in-house laboratory equipped with advanced analytical equipment. 

Wytwórnia Pasz LIRA has modern and well-organized transportation facilities which ensure speedy and reliable deliveries of products to our customers. Large warehouses and a high-bay storage system facilitate production planning and ensure fast loading of goods.

LIRA’s high-standard product range, excellent quality policy and production homogeneity have earned us the trust of many customers. We are proud to note that our customer base is steadily increasing. Over just a couple of years on the market, the company has been transformed from a small business into a large, professionally run enterprise. However, we keep investing in modern solutions in line with our motto: “Top quality at a reasonable price”.

We wish you a great success in livestock production and we look forward to cooperating with you.

najlepsze pasze dla trzody chlewnej
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