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Complete feed mixture in a loose form, formulated specifically for the youngest piglets. Introduced as early as in the first week of life, the product helps piglets to become familiar with solid feeds and teaches sucklings how to feed independently.

PORCUS PLATINUM is a mixture of extruded components (linseed, wheat, full-fat soybeans), top-quality fish meal and dried blood plasma as well as highly absorbable dairy derivatives.

Materials contained in the feed, combined with new generation scent and flavour attractants ensure an early start of solid feed intake. In this way, they guarantee fast and correct development of the gastrointestinal tract of growing piglets.

Analytical ingredients Unit Content j.m. Content
Total protein % 22,00
Metabolic energy MJ 16,00
Lysine % 1,80
Vitamin A j.m. 16 000
Vitamin D j.m. 2 000
Vitamin E mg 190,0

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