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Porcus GOLD

Porcus GOLD
Porcus GOLD

Complete feed mixture in the form of crumble, formulated as a supplement to sow’s milk. The feed should be used up to approx. a week prior to weaning.

PORCUS GOLD is a mixture containing extruded cereals (barley, wheat, maize and rice), linseed, full-fat soybeans as well as fish meal, blood plasma and dairy products. Used almost in whole and subjected to the process of extrusion, protein and starch components very significantly increase the digestibility and absorbability of feed. The feed mixture markedly accelerates and supports the development of the gastrointestinal system in intensively growing young animals.

Analytical ingredients Unit Content j.m. Content
Total protein % 22,00
Metabolic energy MJ 15,50
Lysine % 1,80
Vitamin A j.m. 16 000
Vitamin D j.m. 2 000
Vitamin E mg 190,0

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