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Lira pasze



Complete feed mixture available in a loose or granulated form. The feed, designed especially for piglets in the period around weaning, is very important for ensuring steady pig growth. The feed should be introduced approx. 7 days before weaning and continued until 2-3 weeks after weaning or, alternatively, from a body weight of 6-7 kg to 13 kg. In addition to extruded barley, wheat, maize, linseed, rice and full-fat soybean, the mixture contains fish meal and dairy products.

Through its optimum concentrations of enzymes and probiotics, and an appropriate acidity level, PORCUS SILVER ensures smooth and trouble-free piglet transition through the demanding and difficult period of weaning.

Analytical ingredients Unit Content j.m. Content
Total protein % 18,50
Metabolic energy MJ 15,00
Lysine % 1,45
Vitamin A j.m. 16 000
Vitamin D j.m. 2 000
Vitamin E mg 190,0

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